Firenze - Outside Palazzina Reale (2017)

This recording was taken outside Palazzina Reale, a masterpiece of rationalist architecture where the King of Italy used to stay when he came in Florence. The chaotic soundscape is marked by two strong sound sources: the first is originated from the notable amount of starlings nesting on the trees of the Palazzina's garden, the second is the continuous traffic of this area, located next to the main railway station. The resulting soundscape is somewhat oppressing and confusing, rich of strong and diverse sound signals that clash and blend in a weird urban symphony.

Recherche : Firenze Soundscapes

Responsable(s) de la recherche : Valerio Orlandini

Preneur(s) de son : Valerio Orlandini

Lieu : Via Valfonda, Firenze, italy, tuscany, florence, italie, toscane

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Ajouté le 21 décembre 2017

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