Firenze - Via dell'Oche (2017)

Via dell'Oche is a little and tight, yet important, street in the centre of Florence. It is a lively street crossed by many people but also buses, taxis and chariots. Some particular shops and small restaurants are found in this street. The atmosphere (and the resulting soundscape) is still a little chaotic but it has a more intimate flavour, different from the one you can find few steps further, in the big squares of the old town.

Recherche : Firenze Soundscapes

Responsable(s) de la recherche : Valerio Orlandini

Preneur(s) de son : Valerio Orlandini

Lieu : Via dell'Oche, Firenze, italy, tuscany, florence, italie, toscane

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Ajouté le 01 novembre 2017

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